Monday, 11 August 2014

Security firm warns of penetrating the "Facebook" over the "color changer"

Warned a Chinese company specializing in information security, the spread of a new application on a fake "Facebook" allegedly help users to change the color of their pages on the social network.
The company said "Cheetah Mobile" security, if the fake application, which carries the name "Raider colors Face Book", allegedly to provide property change the traditional blue pages "Facebook" to about 9 other colors, including pink, green, orange and black.

But the company warned that this application is only the application of the malignant infiltrating the user account on the social network as well as the profile of a calculator.
She explained that "immediately after clicking on it, driving application users of the victims to a Web site dedicated to phishing," noting that "it seems that this issue occurs because of a security flaw in the Page Applications" Facebook "itself, which allows hackers and hacker systems, planting computer viruses and code malicious code in applications based on "Facebook" to direct users to Web sites dedicated to phishing. "
And made similar applications for users, "Facebook" choice of colors for other social networks, such as "Tampelr" or "MySpace", where those applications have influenced the latest traps on more than 10 thousand people so far.

The orientation of these applications traps users link a video clip shows how to use the application, and when clicked, it allows hackers to access systems for temporary user account, including personal information and lists of friends.

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