Saturday, 9 August 2014

Russia announces prize money to penetrate the network "Tour" on the Internet

Provided the Russian Interior Ministry through its website for award of 3.9 million rubles (about 110 000 dollars Omraki- 65 000 euros) in the competition open until the twentieth of next August to anyone who could penetrate the network "Tour TOR" to connect to the Internet encrypted.

Network "Tour" designed by mainly American army before they become universally used on a broad scale gives users the possibility to hide the identity of users on the Internet through encryption of data sent over the network and passed through thousands of computers at random in order to disguise their origin.

And longer political activists, journalists and hackers are more users of the network, "Tor" in order to hide their movements online, and the network depends on thousands of volunteers around the world who can turn their computers into "servers" Learn with relays to pass the encrypted data through, any user can join to the network and turn his machine to the point of deportation without being able to see the data passing through its hardware.

The leaked documents from "Edward Snowden" contracted with former National Security Agency, America has revealed the inability of the agency to penetrate the network "Tour" and spying on its users, who number increased from 80 thousand users last May to about 200 thousand people during the current month.

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