Sunday, 3 August 2014

Revenue "LinkedIn" of 533.9 million dollars in the second quarter

To begin immediately, the company increased revenue Linked by 47%, after the recent launch of several products, especially employment and find suitable candidates, which represent 60% of total revenue.
First, I will describe to you the most important points and Rdta in the reports, and then come back for some analysis:
     Earnings per share $ 0.51, compared with analysts' expectations, which estimated about $ 0.39.
     Total Revenue: U.S. $ 533.9 million, versus analysts' expectations of $ 510.98 million.
The revenue marketing solutions offered by LinkedIn about 106 million dollars during the quarter, an increase of 44%. Which represents 20% of total revenue.
The company also expects that revenue for the third quarter of 2014 will be between $ 543-547 million, while analysts say that third-quarter earnings will amount to 540.86 million dollars.
The company has just announced also announced the launch of a new product called Sales Navigator, which will link between salespeople and buyers, as well as highlighted the growth of publishing platform then, with nearly 30 thousand new publication every week.
In general, it is expected that revenues in 2014, ranging between 2.14-2.15 fully billion dollars.

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