Thursday, 14 August 2014

New virus attacks Windows, Mac OS and Linux for failure to Java; you see me

Users of Linux, Mac OS and Windows operating systems should beware of a new virus, identified by Kaspersky Lab. Through a flaw in Java, criminals identify the vulnerability of equipment and have to turn them into machines "zombies "that can be controlled remotely to attack websites and other online servers.

Adobe Flash Player is a security breach; download update emergency

Failure is used to CVE-2013-2465, which allows the hacker to insert malware that is copied to the user directory and run at system startup. After it is deployed, the virus can be found as "jsuid.dat" which gives complete access to the operating mode of the PC.
The bot is controlled via IRC protocol and uses the framework to implement communication PircBot. The virus is designed to perform denial of service (DDoS) through the infected users' machines, as a network of computers zubis. These are the most common hacker attacks against large organizations websites because they can get them out of the air quickly because of the excess of simultaneous accesses.
Users of these machines even know that they are being used for this type of attack. Are therefore advised to take precautions to prevent contamination: Install and maintain updated your antivirus, anti spyware, operating system, Java application and third-party applications.
According to Oracle, the developer, the latest version is always recommended for updates contain both features as well as fixes for vulnerabilities and performance improvements. You can confirm if the user has the latest version of Java on site verification.
Also according to the manufacturer, it is highly recommended to uninstall all previous versions of Java. "Keep previous versions of Java on your system presents a serious security risk. Uninstalling previous versions of Java from your system ensures that Java applications are executed with the most current safety and performance improvements on your system" informs.

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