Wednesday, 13 August 2014

New experiment Google Chrome tells the story of the ISEE-3 in Space

In commemoration of the famous passage of ISEE-3 spacecraft, NASA, the Moon on Sunday (10), Google launched a project that tells the story of her on the Internet. On the website "The Spacecraft for All" (A spaceship for all), you can read about the probe and access data that it is collecting in real time.
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After making history in space, she is returning to Earth, and Google allows all internet users follow their positioning. At the project site, is told the history of the ISEE-3 using the Google Chrome WebGL graphics and videos, making the story even more interesting.
The ISEE-3 was launched to space to study the Sun in 1978 and redefined the concept of the flights to space. Now, is on a mission to become the first spacecraft "citizen", with data accessible by all, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, called The ISEE-3: Project Reboot.

The ISEE 3 spacecraft had as main purpose to investigate the relationship between Sun and Earth, plus wind, formation of shock waves, movements in the plasma and cosmic ray layer. In 1985, he crossed the tail of Comet Giacobini-Zinner and headed toward the comet Halley the following year.

To see this story in more detail, simply login and click on "See the Journey." The animation will start and you will see information divided by years: 1978, 1982, 1986 and 2014, and "Today" (Today). "Date", you see the data of the last synchronization of the probe. In addition to the website, a Google+ profile was created for the new Google project be disseminated among his followers.

Chrome Experiment 
This is more a Chrome Experiment, experiment or Google Chrome. Google usually do this with some frequency, to exemplify all that technology can offer to the browser user. 
One, for example, links the browser and QR codes to increase the interaction. Other, more fun, have Santa and collision effects.

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