Friday, 15 August 2014

Network "LinkedIn" launches a new design for profile pages for mobile devices

Launched a "LinkedIn" a new design for the pages of personal files to users on the applications and location via mobile devices, in order to focus more on the relevant information about users. 
The social network and business professionals, it is re-building the way that show where your personal files to users' information is easily accessible to them by others quickly. 
She said, "LinkedIn" in its publication "your profile via 'LinkedIn' is your professional identity, which is also the heart of the 'LinkedIn'. The new profile helps you tell your story to other professionals when looking for you via mobile. "
The network focused on the new design on a more visual element, as it shows the links became common, in addition to the basic information, such as name, company, job title, and so on. 
The company explained the reason for the launch of the new design for portable devices first, saying that these devices, "forcing them to innovate and rethink radically, focus, and simplify the most important", and that in time anticipates "LinkedIn" to reach the percentage of users who communicate via mobile devices more than half, compared with 8 percent recorded three years ago. 
This new design will, in principle, to portable devices running operating "IOS", soon to be up to operating devices running "Android" and the desktop version.

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