Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mozilla exposed to the leak of thousands of e-mail accounts Developer

Exposed thousands of e-mail addresses Bmtora Mozilla Foundation with the words of passing encrypted to leak because of a problem in the database, it is believed that a group of hackers have been able to take advantage of them for the implementation of the process of penetration, according to what officials confirmed the institution.
The number of e-mail addresses, which leaked about 76,000 and 4,000 email encrypted password, and they are available for viewing and downloading them for thirty days starting from June 23 last year. Mozilla said it has no evidence that he has been to take advantage of these addresses to gain access to any data, but Mozilla can not exclude this possibility once and for all.
Mozilla said that the pirates who may have been able to break the encryption passwords will not be able to use to gain access to the accounts of the Mozilla Web developers, but they may not have access to the accounts of other users have been locked in the same passwords.
She Mozilla said in a statement on its commitment to the means of security and protection, as confirmed regret this incident, and said that, in spite of the fact that these passwords can not be used to gain access to the network developers Mozilla, but in the case of a registered user on the network to adopt the same password in other sites unrelated to the Mozilla may be at risk are advised to all network users Mozilla developers change passwords if used within other sites.

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