Sunday, 17 August 2014

"Microsoft" is preparing to launch a test version of the system "Windows 9" next month

Company intends to "Microsoft" launch copy "technology preview" Tech Preview of the next version of the operating system "Windows", the end of the month of September / September or early October / October next, according to the site, "ZDF Net" ZDNet mail.
The website quoted sources familiar with several refused to disclose her name, it should prove a copy of "technical Mu`aniyah" version of which is known codenamed "Windows Threyhold" Windows Threshold, the approval of the consecutive monthly download updates automatically issued by the Company in order to test the system.
The "Windows Threyhold" the next major version of the operating system "Windows", which is expected to be also called "Windows 9" and is being launched in the spring of next year 2015.
The system is expected to include "Windows 9" expected number of new features aimed Company "Microsoft" in which to improve the usability of the system on non-touch devices and for those who depend, in addition to the touch screen, depending heavily on the mouse and keyboard.
According to leaks earlier, company plans to "Microsoft" with the next version of the system "Windows" reset button "Start" traditional, in addition to supporting applications that are compatible with screen "Metro" Metro is working on the desktop, will also support the company's feature "desktops default" Virtual Desktops will bring service and personal assistant "Kortana" dedicated to the operating system for personal computers and tablets.
Previously, the company "Microsoft" while working on a system of "Windows 8", that was launched three copies of Foreign Affairs before the official launch of the system in the month of October / October 2012, where she launched a "developer preview" Developer Preview in September / September 2011, then launched a copy "consumer Preview" Consumer Preview in the month of February 2012.
With regard to the system "Windows 9", the transfer site "Z de Net" that the company plans to launch a version of "public preview" Public Preview Large end of the year.

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