Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Microsoft cancels the production of computer "Surf Mini"

Microsoft said on the tongue of its Director of Finance, "Amy Hood", she canceled the plan was scheduled to issue a small-scale version of the tablet Hasabha "Surf" Surface, which is referred to as "mini-Service" Surface Mini.
The "Hood" in a statement during a special event held by the company Tuesday to reveal the profits quarterly, that one of the reasons for the decline profit production line computers "Surf" tablet, is that the company had re-evaluation of MAP products and decided not to produce computers "with new measurements" in a reference to the product.
Although Microsoft did not authorize previously officially it was planning to launch a computer tablet measuring small, but they had assured the unintended presence of the product as mentioned by mistake into one of the pages of technical support in the Microsoft site before accelerating to delete the reference to him.
The reports of leaks and many have indicated previously, Microsoft's intention to launch a tablet computer running Windows 8 comes from the screen measuring 7 inches tablet computers in order to compete with small operating system Android.

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