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Maxthon is a free and fast web browser based on IE

The Maxthon is a browser that arises as an excellent alternative to the more famous as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. Download the free Maxthon and check. The browser has versions for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

This browser is available in 26 languages​​, presents a fast performance and useful resources for both the entertainment, work and studies. The Maxthon, which earlier was known as MyIE2, there is already a certain time in the market and currently is in its third version.

It is based on the Internet Explorer engine, with an efficiency very close to the Microsoft product. Yet it differs by having greater variety of resources.

Some of the main functions of Maxthon are based piping navigation commands by mouse gestures, drag feature, ad blocking and malicious pop-ups, reading mode, support bar of Google tools, customizing the look with skins, privacy features, and plug-ins and a bar of utilities with many features.

Mode Ultra and Retro Mode 

Two of the features that stand out are: the ability to navigate in Split Screen mode and the two rendering modes of sites, Ultra and Retro.

The Ultra mode uses the Webkit engine to render responsive, ensuring the fastest shipping in newer or upgraded to current standards sites.

The Retro mode uses the Trident, the Internet Explorer engine, which is capable of dealing with ancient sites or those optimized for the Microsoft browser. This mode prevents bloquios on pages that run only certain functions in Internet Explorer.

The use of these modes is very dynamic. To switch between the two modes, simply click the link that is next to the address bar. Thus, when high speed is required, simply click the Ultra mode, and when necessary the use of a unique feature of IE just switch to Retro mode.

Split Screen, Full Screen, Mute and Zoom 

The Full Screen, Mute and Zoom functions are not innovative, but are very useful. With the mute can mute the sites and the Zoom can zoom or decrease the displayed pages. The Full Screen displays the browser in full screen.

The Split Screen noteworthy since it is possible to split the browser into two, with two different sites at the same time. The pages appear in the same window and can be opened multiple tabs in each.


  Like in Google Chrome, Maxthon in you can also use the address bar to perform searches on Google. A search bar is also available. Here the user can choose a specific search engine or choose the "Multi-Search" option, which allows parallel searches in various search engines.

The results are arranged separately from the preferred search engine and some specific groups which contain results for images, news, shopping, download, MP3, books etc.

Another very interesting option is the ability to search terms or drag images detached from one page to the address bar or search. You can also click on images and drag them to a folder, downloading.

Read Mode 

The Read Mode is a feature geared to optimize reading on the internet and does not work on all sites, but most. Works especially in news pages.

When compatible with the site, its icon appears in the right corner of the address bar. To activate it just click it is automatically open a page on the original with a very clean design and focused on the text, leaving it as readable as possible. Without any "visual pollution."

Feed Reader 

With Feed Reader is possible to gather all content powered by RSS, arrange them between read and unread items, and even share them.

Security and Privacy: AdHunter and Private Browsing 

The AdHunter and the Private Browsing mode are two features privacy and security very practical, beyond the constant updates of software to cover most vulnerable areas to attack.

The first blocks any malicious ads and pop-ups before they load. You can configure the display rules such content. The user can hide any element on a page or create a rule for loading content acting in general.

The Private Browsing eliminates navigation data user when requested or as soon as the user closes the browser. This option can also be programmed.

The browser also has a system for checking sites, indicating whether they are safe or not. The indication is displayed by a green shield symbol in the address bar at the top left. Clicking on it, you can see which security features page provides, as data encryption etc.

Customization: Avatar, Skins, User Interface 

In Maxthon there is the option of creating account for different users browser. Thus, you can set up your account with the security aspects, plug-ins, applications, bookmarks, skins and visual completely customized, including the creation of an avatar. In addition, your browsing data are tied to your account protected by login and password.

more Tools

The External Tools is a tool that allows the addition of resources from outside the browser, such as Windows Calculator or Notepad.

The Pop-up Video detects the existence of a video on the accessed site and provides options to assist you in a separate pop-up window or download it and watch later.

The Sniffer Download automatically detects content that can be downloaded from the website where the user is located. To obtain the file, just click on the tool icon and choose what to download.

With the Easy Screen Grabs users are able to capture images of the entire screen or selected regions.

Easy navigation and adapted 

With Maxthon Passport, which is a user account created through the registration and customization of avatar, you can access your data and navigation settings on another computer that has the same version of the program installed. If you have more than one account in the browser, all can be accessed simultaneously.

The Reduce Tiresome Typing creates shortcuts of the most visited websites by users through the Maxthon.

The History Calendar organizes function browsing history per day in a pretty easy way to get your bearings and see. For complete information, simply click on the desired day. What speeds up the recovery or disposal of any specific data navigation.

To facilitate the accessibility and further streamline navigation, gesture commands are included with the mouse. You can pre define them and hit all the setting as preference. Certain commands are already established and to trigger them, you must press the right mouse button and draw the command corresponding to the form.


The browser offers a reasonable range of interesting extensions that can be downloaded from your "Extension Center" as a translator of pages Google Translator or a converter from HTML to PDF.

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