Saturday, 9 August 2014

Learn invented the first computer and what were the technical specifications

The computer has become one of the most commonly used devices in the modern era, no longer limited to the military sphere, but only became used in many personal civic activities.

There is no doubt that any researcher on the subject of the invention of the first computer will find a conflict between those who say that Howard Aiken is the inventor of the first computer and says that Conrad Suzh Konrad Zuse is invented the first computers but on the whole the German Konrad Suzh is the first to ask a computer programmable in 1941 invented for z3

Which is the first device Negotiable Qaam calculations Atutumetekih and correct and has been working processor frequency between 5 Hz to 10 Hz from a class where I use 22-bit in the Research Institute of the German Air Force to conduct analyzes and statistical disorder aircraft wings. And are programmed by 3 perforated cards (the process of entering information into a computer).

  But in 1944 put Howard Howard Hathaway Aiken Aiken which is an American mathematician invented the Harvard Mark 1, which weighed 35 tons and 800 thread wired and can accurately account until the twenty-third position after the decimal point.

It was used as machine read punched cards to Hulrit and can be controlled through a series of instructions on the perforated paper tape, and that the process of introduction of operations for the device was done by Use perforated cards where the device outputs the results in other papers.

Of course Harvard Mark 1 was not only a series of successes since then has Howard Ekin subtracting the Harvard Mark 2 and Mark 3, which was Bstkhaddm some electronic components with mechanics either Marc 4, all electronic Mkontadth where it will be used for the first time on CD-ROM.

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