Sunday, 3 August 2014

"HTC" determine the next August for the detection of a new product

Announced, "HTC", it intends to convene next month in New York City Event U.S., and is expected to play during the event detects Tablet Computer "Nexus 8" or smart for her watch.
The company has fixed Tuesday 19 August / August as the date for the next upcoming event without revealing details.
It is expected that during the event being detected Tablet Computer "Nexus 8", which comes in cooperation with the company "Google", which is an update on a computer "Nexus 7" launched by "Asus" two years ago.
Some expect that the "HTC", during the next updated by detecting hour smart called "Wen-ware" One Wear had been talk that the company is working on plans to develop and launch the end of August / beginning of next August or September / September.
It was expected that the company "Google" detects computer "Nexus 8" through Developers Conference's annual "Google I / or" Google I / O, which was held in the month of June last, as usual be detected devices "Nexus" through events held by the "Google".

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