Sunday, 17 August 2014

How to prevent new email accounts are linked to iOS?

Check the e-mail by phone is quite common for users of smartphones and tablets. However, some adjustments to the system can help not fill the appliance with messages if share use with friends, for example. For help, see this tutorial how to configure the device to prevent new email accounts are linked to iOS. Furthermore, this adjustment prevents the accounts that are already registered or modified deleted by mistake. Check it out. 

How to create a box of emails unread mail in iOS?

Step 1 Go to the settings of iOS and access the "General" option. Then select the "Restrictions" system. Make sure that the restrictions are enabled for the procedure to work;
Step 2 If you configured the security code of four digits, enter it to move forward and go to the "Accounts" option;
Step 3 Check the "Do not Allow Changes" option.
The tip can be used when we have to share our devices and want to avoid any type of "accident" with the accounts of personal email or work that are synchronized.

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