Saturday, 9 August 2014

How to prevent the company from the sale of Facebook browsing data to third parties without software or add-ons

Among the major sources of profit for the Facebook ads and Facebook rely on promotion to collect many of the details and information about their users so you see relevant ads Bnchatatk on Facebook or on other sites and has outperformed Facebook in this matter on the company Google. And reports indicate that Facebook is stealing data browsing (When you visit sites on the browser, the Facebook track you) seriously sometimes. Some have emphasized that the company sells the search history browsing history and other data and information on the applications that are used for the benefit of advertisers.

Today you will learn about in a post on the way to get rid of this surveillance and prevent Facebook from sharing data browser. 
First you go to the settings in your account settings on Facebook 
Go to ads ads 
Press the Opt out

You delete a property by pressing the Opt out

And if you want to prevent other companies from the sale of used or exchange your data follow the same way.

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