Wednesday, 6 August 2014

How to merge contacts on Windows Phone?

The Windows Phone allows the user to import contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and other accounts. To avoid duplication, the system automatically merges contacts of people with the same name. However, it can happen to variations in surname fool the system and make a contact appears twice in your agenda. In this case, the solution is to manually add the contact. Check out how. 

Step 1 Open the "People" application and locate the duplicate contact. That done, tap on one of the contacts; 

Step 2 In the contact information, tap on the button "link" and select the contact you want to merge. The suggestion system itself brings people with similar names, but you can tap "choose contact" to see full schedule;

Step 3 With the merged contacts, duplicate name will be removed from your schedule and all information about the person will be concentrated in a single contact.

Ready. Thus, you may end up with duplicate contacts from your phone book and make it more organized.

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