Saturday, 9 August 2014

How do you experience any Android phone or tablet to your computer before you buy it .

You might want to buy a phone or tablet Android, but before that you should try it (especially phones in charge), you may have to ask a friend owned or other things are normal, but you should know that you can experience from the computer before you buy it, just as an experiment some operating systems Kleenex or other on a placebo. Of course there are different ways such as installing a copy of the full Android experience on the computer, but this is not especially useful and you want to experience a specific device, for example, you want to buy a phone galaxy s5 you can try it before you buy it. Therefore, we will cover in this post for the best solution is to emulate Android phones on the computer.

The best program of reducing time for this purpose is Genymotion, a tool for simulations based on the program VirtualBox, and is characterized by fast large compared with other programs, and provides you with most of the phones Android bestseller, where you can download them and install them and then work on them and experience the settings, applications, and other things. But before proceeding to explain the program should be available on the computer is not powerful computers and high-potential Statistics.

First Login to download link below the entry (the free version of the program), will ask you to register.
When you're done check your that you register it and click on the download link.
Select the first version attached program VirtualBox, and then downloaded.
Steps installation routine and do not need to explain.
After you finish the installation program will ask you to set up a fictitious Click on OK.
You can choose from a range of devices is pressing on the next and wait until the end of the download.

You'll see a list of devices that you downloaded press the Matrade them, then press the Play and wait until the device driver.

And if you get stuck in the boot of the program you can go to find a program VirtualBox system there, where you can use if you are able to deal with VirtualBox.

You may notice that Google Play Google apps and some other non-existent, so you can install them through different ways, including the following method:

Download the file Genymotion ARM Translation link across the bottom of the post.
And is a compressed file that can be withdrawn to placebo permeated the machine and the program will flash his job, then Cetkql transferred to the device without the pressure you unzip and then sending it, just drag it to the machine it enforceable.
Restart the phone placebo and then you'll find Google apps package is installed.
You can then install any application on the phone you want to placebo and thus will become the means used to test new applications before installing them on a real phone.

Download Genymotion 
Download file  Genymotion ARM Translation

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