Wednesday, 6 August 2014

"Google" site called "Basulan" new to Better Health"

Helps to detect diseases before the onset of symptoms

Not only did the director of the famous search engine "Google" Larry Lepage, breached the Internet, but it has stepped up its efforts in the special projects the human body even launched last year signed "calico" private hours associated with the internet and contact lenses and smart cars without driver, and was the last of its projects in the field of health is site "Basulan" dedicated to conducting a scientific study designed to draw "Burtreh" part of the human body in a state of good health, which helps to detect diseases and problems arising from them before the onset of the first symptoms of the disease.
Dr. Andrew - Conrad, who works in secret in this project since the year and a half, that "This study will give us indications about the nature of the human body, which remains in good health, or is sick," explaining that it opens the way toward a better discoveries and treatment of these diseases.
The first phase of this project, 175 publications, providing researchers samples of blood, saliva and tears of the eye and urine, and will carry on the receivers and that measure heart rate and oxygen level, as scientists collect complete genome of the participants and the history of gene families, and information on the way in which it handles representation food as a reaction to certain foods and drugs.
This information will be confidential and this is what he promised responsible for the search engine "Google", and then the goal is to create a fingerprint Byukimaúah for people who are in good health and that which can "Google" to determine the seriousness of any disease.
Dr. Sam - Jampehar responsible for the Department of Oncology at Stanford University, that this will improve the process of biological markers of disease prevention.
The director of "Google", that this work is a contribution to the service of science, allowing the new company to open many ideas for future projects, where he works in the service of 70 to 100 experts in the field of molecular biology and biochemical and physiological and medical imaging.
He explained it, is part of a strategy of "Google" in the field of health, he wants to provide a database of human being in the form of a large library full of information and genetic District, we will find many of the beneficiary companies to pay money in order to get this data, but for programs logical would present soon site "Wit," which will receive the data sports and health by users of "smartphones", watches, smart contact lenses, but what worries the director of "Google" is a heavy-duty laws that impede his progress rapidly towards the goal set by the.

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