Saturday, 9 August 2014

"Google" launches package development platform to track physical activity

Google announced the launch of the package development SDK own serve, which recently announced at the conference Google I / O 2014 "Fayette Google" Google Fit. She said that it is possible for developers and manufacturers of mobile devices and wearable relied upon to provide a more integrated.

And "Google Fayette" is a Jmuah of services and interfaces software that collects user data on physical activities Sahabia centrally, so that you can all applications and sports equipment and phones are accessible regardless of the device or the user's application. Allowing the user to follow-up data, even if he changed the devices and applications that support them in this regard.

Until now were not service is available only to a limited category of companies that cooperated with Google, but the company today announced the launch of the developmental package for the service to become available for those who wish from companies and application developers.

According to what Google reported in its location, the package development allows developers easy access to sensor devices, whether phones or devices are subject to wear, to facilitate the process of obtaining information from the sensors of various such a sensitive heart, for example, the service also allows for applications to collect data related to fitness is not consumed many of the battery and sync Sahabia, as can any application and any device access to all user data and display and control.

It is supposed to start companies during the next few months to adopt a development package for the production of applications and devices more accurate and effective.

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