Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Google Inc., report to police about someone sent child pornography images over the "Gmail"

The U.S. police arrested a users e-mail service "Gmail" on charges of possessing pornographic images of children, and after that I discovered Google he send pictures via e-mail, in an incident that caused much controversy over the social networks on the extent of privacy in the e-mail service from Google .
The Google has been notified by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that they discovered the possession of the user to three images of child pornography in his e-mail, where he sends these images to a friend when he uncovered the Google incident and inform the Center who in turn contacted the police.
Police said later that the defendant has a registered Kmtharc children have been accused of this before about 20 years, also found in his phone and tablet calculator as well as images of child pornography and text messages and e-mails related to this subject. The police rushed to the detention of the accused on charges of possession and promotion materials encouraging pedophilia.
In a statement to "Mashabl" mail, said, "Mitchell Collins' Vice-President of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that the law requires companies to report child pornography if discovered, adding that the center is received between ten thousand to fifteen thousand communication daily about children exposed exploitation via the Internet.
This incident has raised a big fuss on social networks during the past few hours, where a lot of users across their dissatisfaction with the possibility that Google scans images that users send them via e-mail.
Recalls that the conditions of service of Google workers speaking clearly about the existence of automated systems to analyze the contents of users, so as to improve the user experience and providing search results and customized ads, remember the conditions of service that this analysis gets the content has sent and received, as well as when it is stored.

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