Friday, 8 August 2014

Google Chrome 36 launches with new app launcher for Linux; see what has changed.

Google announced on Wednesday (16) the release of Chrome 36 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. Among the changes brought by the new version, the visual changes are the incognito page, the arrival of the Chrome App Launcher for Linux, as well as several improvements, such as the usual security fixes and performance tweaks.
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The changelog Chrome 36.0.1985.122 provided by Google informs that the two major changes in this version are the notifications that have been slightly adjusted to a more visual level, beyond the change in appearance of the incognito page. In the latter, the feature remains the same, only with a clean, modern look.

Although the changelog does not mention this, Google has confirmed that the developer resources present in Chrome 36 beta, are in the final release of Chrome 36 Included are mounts for the element.animate () for HTML and Imports Object.observe ().

The element.animate () is an API that allows developers to create simple animations using CSS JavaScript. HTML Imports feature already offers a way to include HTML documents into other HTML files. Regarding Object.observe () functionality allows developers to observe changes in JavaScript objects.
Another important point of this update is the arrival of the Chrome App Launcher for Linux, which only existed in versions for other operating systems supported by the browser (Windows and Mac). With this, the program is more uniform. The version will come soon to the Android system and also, although not in the announcement, perhaps in iOS.

Last but certainly not least, Chrome 36 Also includes 26 security fixes and various performance improvements. All These changes Contribute to que users can have a quieter and faster web browsing.
If you are curious to know how is this version, open the browser and update to the latest version. Use the built-in updater in the browser by clicking the menu, then the "About Google Chrome"

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