Saturday, 9 August 2014

Free programs to take a backup in Windows

Tool is available inside the Windows system that allows users to take a backup copy of the contents of the hard disk or image .iso to be restored at a later time in the event of any problem hit the device. But users can experience some of the programs that offer more functionality and options when doing this type of operation.
The programs such as AOMEI Backupper، Comodo Backup or Paragon Backup & Recovery one of the best programs in this area, they all offer users the possibility of taking a backup with the possibility of encrypted to prevent access to the contents easily or schedule this task to be taking a backup is to finally pressure area Version .
You can also experience programs such as Active Disk Imageor Macrium Reflect Fre It provides all the features available in the previous programming, but the first to take oeuvre possibility of scheduling the backup, but there is no second option provides encrypted.

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