Saturday, 9 August 2014

Find your publications in your account or Twitter using Bal faspock Related Keywords.

Things that are not supported by the company Facebook, the ability to search in the publications that you posted to your account since the first day of Olodgk Facebook, and similarly for the company Twitter, where it may be you have published leaflets very old want to return to it which requires instead of time and a great effort , and especially if it comes to a page and not a personal account to create or delete some old publications.
SimpleWash a wonderful application that was created recently, it has earned the admiration of a very large class of users of Facebook and Twitter, where it can be of research into the mysteries of your publications and not only that, but the pages and I was impressed by the publications that have interacted with or were you add them, as they are Check out all the activities related to the search words that you entered in the search box.
To activate the service that you visit the site and click on the service call button Balfaspock or Twitter, and then click on OK, as shown in the picture.

Then you enter a word / phrase and then press start washing, then you'll see the results of the search through the menus of diverse side that belong pages or publications or comments ... etc.

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