Monday, 4 August 2014

Facebook launches pilot program and provides Wi-Fi internet for free; you see me

Facebook announced on Tuesday (15) that will initiate a project to offer free Wi-Fi internet for about 100 residential students in the city of Forest City, United States. The initiative is being developed in cooperation with schools of Rutherford and Pangaea, a provider of internet fiber optic high speed nonprofit county.

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The program is a response to a problem encountered by schools after the introduction of the 1:1 initiative, in which the goal was to have all students of primary and secondary education had a personal notebook. The measure received six thousand students, but after a while it was found that at least half of them did not have Internet in their homes.
"One of the pillars of 1:1 is to ensure equal access to digital information for all students," says the superintendent of schools in Rutherford, Jane Mason. She believes that the partnership will help schools achieve this goal more easily.

"When we can use technology to improve educational opportunities for our young people, everybody wins," he adds.
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In planning an investment of U.S. $ 2 billion was approved. Forest City was chosen for the project as the site that is hosted on one of the Facebook data center, but it is not known whether it will extend to other locations where the company has infrastructure. However, the customer service representative said that this first phase is successful, plans to expand the program to more students on site.

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