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Download the Twitter and communicate in 140 characters anywhere .

Twitter is a social network where you can post messages up to 140 characters, which can be viewed by people all over the world. The network of microblogs is a more popular nowadays. The service can accessed using a web browser or through client applications available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS and Nokia handsets.

To get started using Twitter, it is necessary to create an account and then you can now post messages (tweet and retweet), follow people and be followed by other users. When you open the application screen or Twitter page, you see the content posted by who you follow. This characteristic is the strong point of the network, which is widely used by artists to create a connection with their fans. Companies, bloggers and other individuals with a presence in the real world and on the web also use it to interact.


On Twitter, everything is based on messages of 140 characters, either to post, answer or replicate (retweet). As in Facebook, the microblog also allows "Like" a post plus share it by email, embed or even denounce that thinks p content is inappropriate.

The network also has the ability to send direct messages (Direct Messages). Formerly, this was the only private way to communicate with people on Twitter and send a DM, it was necessary to follow the person and and be followed by it. But that has changed and now you can send direct messages to anyone in the social network. But no need to worry about receiving unwanted texts: it is you who will choose releases that strangers send you DMs, through a change in their settings of your account.

Twitter allows third parties to develop applications to work with the network. This opens space for customers with the best official or even with new features such as scheduling posts, which after appearing in applications such as Future Tweets, and Twuffer LaterBro was adopted by natively microblogging network interface. However, the function can only be used via the Twitter Ads, management platform used by businesses to do paid posts and ads.

Hashtags and Trending Topics

Twitter has pioneered the use of hashtags, single word or a sentence without spaces, preceded by "#, as a way to sort or add context to a particular tweet. When typed, the hashtags saw hyperlinks within the network and become indexable by search engines on the web. With this, users can click on them or pick them up on engines like Google going to have access to everyone who participated in the discussion. The appeal was so successful that currently is being used in other social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

A direct consequence of the importance of hashtags is the Trending Topics option, which is on the microblogging sidebar and displays the most used on the network. The functionality is used as a basis for users participating in the great debates and events on Twitter. It is usually clearly visible on the Twitter site and can be adjusted: click the "Change" link after "Affairs of the Moment" and choose the area you want to see the most talked about issues of the day.

Then if you want to see who else is talking about it, use the search engine Twitter or use a third-party search service to find all tweets containing a specific hashtag.

Integration with Vine

The Vine is a platform that allows the publication of videos, which are very similar to animated gifs, as are continually reproducing and are limited to no more than 6 seconds in duration. Twitter supports videos that network, which can be incorporated into sues tweets, adding value to your posts. To enable the integration, just follow this tutorial TechTudo.

Twitter for mobile devices

Mobile devices have been a major means of access to Twitter, either using the mobile version of the site, an official network application or third parties. Because of this importance are, officially, programs for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia platforms.

The apps have a different web interface or desktop version, including taking some differentiated features like the timeline that incorporates direct and open videos and images in aprelhos with Android and iOS. Of course, not everyone should like this feature, and if your case, check out this tutorial how to remove this mode.

Another interesting feature of the mobile version is the one that lets you apply filters to images directly from the application. With this feature, the network user does not need to use a specific program editing to tweet the image. Just tap the camera directly to your new tweet, capture the picture and confirm that Twitter automatically opens a screen with the available tools. In addition to the filter, you can make other edits on the image within the app itself.

Among the mobile versions, there's one for the Samsung Apps, which stands out for having a beautiful and very different from the others, which usually follow a single visual interface standard.

Twitter for desktop

There are also desktop versions of official Twitter apps for Windows 8 and Mac OS platforms. In these programs, the major difference against web experience on mobile devices and is the native interface combined with the integration with their systems and notification features, notably the Central notification Mac. For Windows 8, the major emphasis is on account of the use of tiles based interface, which gives a very stylish and beautiful app to look.

This integration and access to unique features of desktop operating system, are the main reasons why you should install these applications directly instead of using the social network on the web browser.

If you like to express yourself and to know what happens with your friends, go to download the Twitter! Discover how you can communicate in 140 characters.

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