Saturday, 16 August 2014

Download Facebook Messenger and talk to your friends on Facebook chat

The Facebook Messenger is an application that lets you send free messages to Facebook friends and contacts through mobile devices with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The program is also available in the old version (where you can only talk with people in your social network), BlackBerry, and Google Chrome.

The latest version of the software, only available for devices with Android and iOS operating systems, gave the app an interface with its own characteristics, which increasingly deviate from the design of the social network. Along with this change came the fact now be possible to talk to people who are not your friends on Facebook, just be your phone contacts that also use the application. That does compete directly with popular messengers like Whatsapp.

The current edition provides a page with all the latest conversations and profile picture, in a very beautiful and organized layout in blue and white colors. In each chat, the user can enter text, record voice message, send pictures using the device camera or album and get web image search engine with Bing.

free calls

Furthermore, you can make free calls, send emoticons, download animated stickers in store figurines Facebook and share your location. There is also the possibility to create and take part in group chats or talk freely in a private chat. On another page of the app, the user can see a list of people who have Facebook Messenger and view in another tab, in the application who is online and chat standard social network.

In each option, the user can send messages to contacts, see the timeline and the person's information (name, photo of the person and phone number). The program also has the ability to add phone numbers to talk to people who are not in your contact list and Facebook a very simple shortcut to go online or offline in chat. There inserting or confirm your phone number so that others can add you in the chat.

Through the software, the user can also search for specific people in the field of search and edit the app to add favorite contacts on top of the chat. The others are arranged alphabetically. This function is only available for mobile devices.

Versions for desktop

The version of the app for Chrome follows the old design of Facebook Messenger. The service available to the browser, you can chat with friends on the social network chat, create group conversations, access the news feed, view notifications and more. In every conversation, there is the possibility to send emoticons and animated stickers, and share photos from your computer and, of course, enter text.

Already download Facebook Messenger and send free messages to Facebook friends and mobile contacts.

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