Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Company "Trend Micro" calls for the existence of a letter comprehensive security strategy to keep the information from the hack

Continues to cyber threats and processes data breaches and weaknesses of high-risk topped the list of the most serious threats in the first half of 2014, according to the report comprehensive security for the second quarter of the year and issued by the company, "Trend Micro" entitled: "The fundamental shifts in the face of cyber crime: in response to the evolution of tactics in the world of e-crime. "
The report shows the intensification of attacks against financial institutions, banking, and retail outlets, has revealed records the occurrence of more than 10 million personal attack since the month of July of 2014, which points strongly to the need of institutions to adopt an approach to provide more strategy to protect digital information.
The longer these attacks during the second quarter, the personal information of consumers, including data-stealing customers names and passwords, email addresses and home addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth.
This has been reflected security breaches suffered by the personal privacy on the sales and revenues of institutions, as well as to prevent customers from accessing their accounts, and thus the suffering caused by interruption of services. As a result, many states began to enact a strict policy regarding the privacy and data collection mechanism, as a step in the way of solving this problem.
It is noteworthy that since the date of July 15, 2014, has been monitoring more than 400 data breach incident, which refers to the need for institutions to identify and learn the basic data in order to protect them, and to build an effective defense strategy to maintain its security. The institutions need to change radically in the way of thinking, in order to determine the information that they consider "basic data", before embarking on a plan to protect them.

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