Friday, 15 August 2014

Company "Motorola" is preparing to reveal the phone Moto X + 1 on 4 September

Became the month of September is exciting this season after making sure the launch of Galaxy Note 4 and Xperia Z3 on September 3, and the expected launch of the iPhone phone 6 days beyond Here Motorola calls the press to an event hosted by the company on September 4 in Chicago.
As shown in the calling card it seems that the company is acquired by Lenovo recently in the process of detection of 4 products at once there is a new generation of phone famous Moto X and will carry the name Moto X + 1, and there is also a new version of the phone Moto GP and will carry the name Moto G2 phones have been the signal for them calling card in the letters X Logie English.
From the happy news is also in the almost certainly reveal the company for her hour circular stylish Moto 360 and after that time captured the hearts of followers by revealing some information about them earlier in conjunction with the launch of the Android system from Google ware.

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