Monday, 11 August 2014

Company "Ericsson" check the speed of 63 megabits per second download data packages using third-generation

The telecommunications company "Turkish" Torxl "" Turkcell and cooperation with each of the two "Ericsson" and "Qualcomm" to conduct the first live test and direct data packets high-speed tri-channel for download "3 C - HSBC de me any" 3C-HSDPA on the commercial network .
Where adopted test feature on the privacy of solutions "Ericsson" version will be put in "any 15" 15A of the program "Ericsson" to run networks. It should be noted that the test was conducted using a smart phone provider and the modem processor "Qualcomm".
The packages are designed for high speed data channels, three-3C-HSDPA in order to increase download speeds by up to 50 percent compared to the level of the entire cell with a single transmission channel, and regardless of network load pressure. The test saw the recording speed 63 Mbps for download.
Was carried out the test on the wave of 2.1 GHz within the commercial network is equipped with technology "WCDMA any" WCDMA and using three channels frequency of 5 MHz for download and channels frequency of 5 MHz for transmission where they were scattered all channels on the frequency band of 2.1 GHz, which is owned by the company "Torxl." It was also during ground testing the use of networks and wireless Core network Radio access network affiliate for "Ericsson".
Recall that packages are designed for high speed data Thelathihalguenoat 3C-HSDPA to enable a single user to download up to three frequency of 5 MHz channels simultaneously. It supports single-band, which is adjusted three channels on the same wavelength, also supports dual-band, which is set on three channels Mujatan.
Also witnessed the event also test transmissions Enhanced multi-channel Enhanced uplink multi-carrier (EUL-MC), which is a special feature launched "Ericsson" within the scope of version "B 14" B14 of the program to run networks, is able to increase transmission speed by up to 100 percent , where the team managed during the test to make improvements in transmission speed by 100 percent.
In turn, the technology is designed uplink enhanced multi-channel EUL- MC to allow sending synchronously via two channels frequency of 5 MHz to one user at speeds of up to 11.5 Mbps during peak times, and an increase in speed of up to 100 percent, regardless of the loads and pressure network, and that encompasses the entire network, ie in the center and the outskirts of cell broadcast coverage areas alike.

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