Sunday, 17 August 2014

British GCHQ agency is seeking to penetrate the systems of 32 countries around the world

Detection news site German "Haysh Online" Heise Online that the British intelligence agency, "JC THQ" GCHQ technique was used "Clear gates" as part of a program dubbed "hacienda" Hacienda aim is to find systems vulnerabilities across at least 27 countries.
But as long as the use of so-called "survey gates" reliable tool by hackers to find systems that can be accessed, and in the secret documents uncovered by the site "Haysh Online" shows that the Central Intelligence Agency GCHQ began in 2009 using this technique against entire countries.
And revealed one of the documents that the agency conducted a survey in full for all portals networks belonging to about 27 countries and a survey in part to the gates of five other countries, and included goals gates that use protocols such as "SSH" SSH and "SNMP" SNMP, which is commonly used to control functions remotely and network management.
The British intelligence agency after it, share results which establish them with other intelligence agency, such as America, Canada, and Australia and New Zealand, where the documents describing the safe way to exchange data between the Group agencies, "the tendency Order," Mailorder. According to the website "Haysh Online", it has been gathering information only the first step.
The documents revealed also a program called "Landmark" Landmark was initiated by the spy agency Canadian "CSIC" CSEC to find what it calls "boxes substitutes operational" ORB, which are used to conceal the locations of the attackers when launching cyberattacks against their goals or steal data.
The Christian Grotoov, a book article that revealed these programs on the site, "Haysh Online", has led the Technical University of Munich process development tool bearing the name "T-CB Stealth" TCP Stealth able to help prevent the "hacienda" and similar tools to identify systems.
The tool works "T-CB Stealth" to add a pass phrase on the user's PC and the system that needs to be protected, and if the passphrase is incorrect when you start contact, you will not respond to the system as the service will appear as if it is dead, according to Grotoov.
In order to operate this technique, you must upgrade the operating systems and applications to be able to use a tool tool "T-CB Stealth," The system "Linux" it has been upgraded and is now capable of use, while still systems, "Windows" and "Mac" and "Chrome OS "does not support this tool yet.

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