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Best software to measure the temperature of Computer Hardware cut and intervene before it is too late

Best software to measure the temperature of Computer Hardware cut and intervene before it is too late

With the onset of summer, suffers many computer users of high temperature components of the device, the thing that might happen stop directly to the computer, and of most of the measures that are Atkhadaa: manual scan of the computer and clean it from dust and make sure the work of the fan well, but what Ayalmh for many users; is that there are sensors installed on the motherboard, where the temperatures measured on a regular basis and this is what explains the change fan speed to the maximum temperature rise at the computer.

A group of programmers took advantage of this property for the manufacture of a variety of programs measure the temperatures of computer components and inform the user in order to intervene before the occurrence of malfunction or damage to one of these components, particularly the computer's processor, motherboard, Alramat, hard drive, video card ...
Details vary temperature record from a computer to another and depending on the availability of heat sensors and different pieces of hardware ...
The following are some of these programs for measuring temperatures and extract the details of cutting special hardware to your computer.

Among the best software that tells you all the information relating to sever hardware, including the date of issuance and the manufacturer and the threshold temperature, which should not be exceeded, and many other valuable information ... you can learn the values ​​of temperature Palmscharat by pressing the icon Sensors (I recommend everyone try it).

Program light volume and other portable copy for installation, from a company piriform producing the famous CCleaner program tells you different information about your computer Hardware cut in addition to the temperatures for some of them but it does not tell you the temperatures lower or upper, which should not be exceeded. Speccy

Free program terrible and is available for 64 and 32 Nwati house, tells you in addition to the temperature, the intensity of the current flowing in the pieces and effort and minimum and maximum values ​​for these.

Not much different from the previous program, but it is characterized by an elegant fa├žade in addition to a set of curves for the values ​​recorded and the possibility of test work for the processor.

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