Monday, 11 August 2014

"Apple" is preparing to launch "Aye Watch" in September 2014

Is expected to reveal new iPhone from Apple in the next month, but there is a new report indicated that the company would also detects an hour Aye Watch in September.
The source pointed out that Apple will be unveiling a wearable devices, specifically - device worn around Wristwatches -, at the beginning of next month.
This contrasts with an earlier report from the site of Re / code, where it was stated then that Apple will hold a conference in October 2014 to detect it smart for her watch.
It is not clear exactly which of these sources are correct, but the source of the news of the day, a famous blogger John Gruber, who has a proven track record of news right when it comes to Babylon. And remember his prediction last year when he said that Apple will unveil iPhone 5 feed and 5 C at the same time.
It is important, Apple will hold a press conference on September 9, which means we may only have another month to see whether the company is already planning to do or not. Said that any watch too much focus on health and fitness, and also said it had tested with celebrity athletes in the world.

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