Thursday, 17 July 2014

Youtube channel alien to become a mystery and confuse everyone!

Channel in YouTube on the internet called Webdriver Torso, this channel has become a great mystery of the great mystery because of the content and a large amount of video clips that have been published. Already published more than 88 540 video clip (to the extent of this writing), the video does not exceed a period of 11 seconds, showing geometric shapes colors blue and red. With a small number of votes acute. Well as to more than 43 000 subscribers!
But the most unusual is not in the videos even when you search the name of the channel "(Webdriver Torso) in the search box on YouTube to change the appearance of the results page
  This logical proof of the involvement of Google in this puzzle, so there are many theories that try to solve this puzzle that is strange and incomprehensible videos without a specific purpose.
Single channel videos, which reached more than 250 thousand views!

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