Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Google announces project to protect the Internet Without fear of piracy or theft of information .

Google announced today that Project Zero "Project Zero, a new team in the company's mission to protect the Internet as a whole where you see Google that every person has the right to use the Internet and surf the web without fear of being subjected to piracy or attacks financed and supported by the states to steal his information or monitor his contacts.

And now will take care of the team to follow up security holes, which did not reveal to the public after that there is no solution and fill the security to them, and often used these gaps in targeting activists, businesses and governments because it is difficult to verify the existence of the gap he will not be published by any details before.

And Google will employ the best security researchers and experts in the field which had spent a lot of money and resources in this area before and said that the project has emerged from zero all previous investment in security and protection.

It was in the past many of the staff have spent a long time to focus on the protection of Google applications and services, and even third-party applications that deal with Google services, and now there is a team that specializes in the protection of the Internet in general.

The team will use the standard portals such as identifying and Alablaa for the large number of security holes, and also conduct research that is in the area of ​​mitigation of damages or security exploitation and analysis of programs and anything he sees a team of researchers feasible later.

The Google security researchers have Kavit about two million dollars and repaired more than 2000 gap and the problem of security during the three years only.

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