Thursday, 17 July 2014

View the attacks by hackers Now you are sitting in your home.

cybermap is a project security company Kaspersky, you can monitor the cyber-attacks carried out by hackers all over the world, all you need to do is a site down the entry has been initiated to monitor cyber-attacks that will appear on the map, where you can redirect the globe to any state you want to monitor and then clicking on the bright spots will show some information about the number of security gaps discovered and malware etc. ... either Ballenbsh optical signals emitted, it means the path of cyber-attacks between each state and another state or several states.

In case if Maoddt Browse Map flat you can click on the button below the second word PYC from the toolbar on the far right. You can also enlarge the work of any of the points in the map by the zoom tools in the same toolbar, I hope that you like this blog post.


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