Sunday, 13 July 2014

UAE tops the first 13 most attractive countries for professional competencies in the world to network" Linked In "

Announced a "LinkedIn" with the results of the global study conducted by the follow-up to the brain drain
professional within 12 months, which topped the United Arab Emirates 13 most attractive countries for professional competencies in the world.
The study, conducted by the "LinkedIn" Her social network dedicated to Mhnin 0.300 million subscribers around the world, and pointed out that 75 percent of the workforce coming to the UAE are from outside the Middle East, also reported that more than 40 percent of those surveyed they stressed their access to new professional positions in addition to upgrades and functional Adariaand move to the Emirates.
Commenting on the results of the study, said Ali Matar, head of solutions talent in the company, "LinkedIn" network has the opportunity described Balfredh to study the migration of professional competencies and orientations at the global level through the base of the members of the extensive network, which includes more than 300 million subscribers worldwide, 10 million of them in the Middle East, and one million subscribers from the United Arab Emirates alone.
The rain "The results indicated that all of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia Sjlta increase by 1.3 percent and 0.9 percent, respectively, in the field of professional brain drain."
The study also showed the arrival of many of the professional competencies of Europe, and the United States of America, the Indian subcontinent as well as other Arab countries, which proves that the Gulf region has become one of the most important points of attraction of professional competencies in the world, as he put it.
The listed company "LinkedIn" in the countries studied, one of the top countries exporting competencies to the UAE, where topped all of India, and the United Kingdom, and Pakistan this list. The study also showed that the sectors of leadership and management, engineering and sales in the
 forefront of the industrial sectors most attractive to expatriate competencies of the UAE.


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