Saturday, 26 July 2014

Try Spark Baidu Browser: a new way to surf the web

  Baidu Browser Spark is a different web browser, available for Windows, which provides a fast, convenient navigation. If you are tired of using the popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, it's time to try a new program.

Internally, this software uses the Webkit engine mechanism to provide a stable and fast navigation, but its great advantage is in operation by gestures, which let more practical. Thus, you can use various functions, just by moving the mouse while holding the right button.

He is much more than a browser, it brings features that let you do more in less time and without having to leave the navigation. With this software, you can download torrents directly from your browser, without installing and using any other tool for downloading torrents. Additionally, you can download an online video and MP3 sources for your computer, all within the program.

There is also a tool that integrates with Facebook and browser creates a bar on the right side of the interface. It, will show the updates in your news feed. But if you like to customize, and it lets you do it with good choices. The service provides several sets of new skins (skins), so you can customize your own browser and leave it the way you want.

And if you log in Spark with your Google account, you can synchronize your data while allowing you to save your custom browser capabilities on Web and use the Spark to access them from any PC. Baidu's browser also supports add-ons that work in Google Chrome.

With this, you can take advantage of the tools made for other software. Therefore, Spark Browser is a good option in the world of browsers and can be very useful for those who want to experience new features and a new way to navigate. Download for free and try it!

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