Sunday, 20 July 2014

The best program to search and delete duplicate files of all types in your computer

  Of course after long use of a computer to accumulate a collection of files in your computer, especially if you from carrying a lot of files from the Internet. Are in real serious problem if you are not available on a large hard drive or when you want to search for a file or a certain image, so If you're like me suffer from duplicate files and that thing for taking too much of disk space unjustly, this program is what you're looking for.

dupeGuru is a powerful tool to search for duplicate files in a computer, is easy to use in addition to being available for all systems Kaloandoz, Linux and Mac                                                                              .
After installing the program in the main fa├žade you select the place you want to search for duplicate files, for example, in the case of Sahdd file "Downloads."
Then click on the button "Scan". 

  Of course after work such as Static scan window by all the duplicate files (blue) and with the original, click 
on Marquer to Select All.

Then in the top left click on the button "Action" and choose what you want to do with that Alazir duplicate 
files, you can move them to another folder or you delete them permanently.

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