Monday, 14 July 2014

The application of "Whistle Phone Finder" that helps you find your phone is in position "silent"

Many of us puts his mobile phone in silent mode or forget it on silent mode and puts it in the room, and forgets his place or where to put it, how do you find your computer? There is a wonderful and unique application from which you can find on your phone.
Why or what the purpose of the application Whistle Phone Finder?
Let's face it, we all agree on what we have mentioned in previous lines, some when he loses his phone, which the status of "silent" it overburdens himself inductively for his phone under the pillows and above the shelves and under the seats and in the rooms and in vain or resort to call his cell phone last , what if he did not have another phone connection in order to his cell, and here comes the role of application Whistle Phone Finder and all you need is to be issued to be issued so that you Kalsafrh voice tells you lost your place even if the status of "silent."

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