Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The announcement of the device to read texts" FingerReader "

Announced a set of elements from the Institute (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) for their release of the new device is mounted on the index finger and enables blind people to read books by voice, which has a camera to photograph the words.
And as the relocation specialist mashable the new device which carries the name (FingerReader) was designed by Dimension 3D printer Tlatyh and minutes are available on the camera scans the text that refers to user's index finger, and whether you want to read it in the newspapers or books or other party person then reading device to the user via the acoustic property.

And the camera works in coordination with a special program, and that this device is causing vibrations in the case of whether the user out of the line, waiting to be marketing this device which will help of visually impaired people.

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