Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Sites and useful tools from #IWASSA

Sites and useful tools from #IWASSA

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A great location for lovers of marketing, it shows you the price of anything on Amazon history and alerts you when it drops its price. You can even download the full list of your wishes on Amazon directly. Of course, the site should catch some dollars in profit.


As the name implies is the innovative service for chat video via an interactive map of the world where you can choose the country to which you want to hold a conversation and chat with one of its inhabitants. MapCam has an intuitive interface and easy to use, once you choose the country you click on the red marker to start a chat, and can speak through video.


Site offers a beautiful and useful for those who regularly work with PDF documents assure you that this site will be useful to them too, because it allows us a range of services and tools very useful and related to this type of file. All this is free and on the internet and this means you will not download or install any software on your computer. Only you upload files to the cloud and downloaded addressed.


mysliderule, is a search engine for online courses allows us to search and find the courses published on the Internet quickly and easily. course, this engine is a great resource for lovers of online courses. use it so simple that only you enter a search term, and this depends on what you want to search for it. For example, if you put "PHP", the engine will show all PHP courses available on the net., And you can also control the results by provider session, as well as whether free or paid.

down for everyone or just me

Site to make sure and verify that the site is on the Internet in the service and work normally, or are you the only one who can not access this site! . For example, if you can not get to the Facebook site and want to be sure everyone is suffering from the same problem, this site will be Mkhbarak is private.


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