Thursday, 10 July 2014

Service "Chrome Cast" allows you to broadcast what displays on the screen of your phone to the TV.

May be a piece Chrome Dreamcast is the best way will lead services Google to living rooms, especially after repeated failures to TVs and its operating system, and today is an important step in the march of Chrome Dreamcast will allow you to broadcast what displays on the screen of your phone or your computer tablet running Android to TV great .
The difference here is that you will broadcast everything displays on the screen, not just video clips from YouTube or web pages from Chrome as was the case in the past.
To start broadcasting what displays on your phone to enter the application Chrome Dreamcast and through the side menu select Cast Screen and choose a piece to be adopted by chrome Dreamcast.
But the owners of Nexus phones will be available this feature through quick settings.
But the service is still experimental and will support gradually devices known companies such as Samsung, LG and HTC over the next few days and you can download the latest version of Chrome Dreamcast application for this feature.

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