Wednesday, 16 July 2014

See for yourself that steal information from your computer when the sites had .

Site system-scanner goal that guides you to the information you share with the sites you visit daily without knowing about it, these sites may use this information either in its statistics for missed or to another party only God knows his intentions.

When a site it shows the first place About Djiograve, Chimera, a microphone, as well as information on the hardware, information about the software, but also the level of battery charge!! .
When you get down to the bottom you will find a little information about you other than themselves, the speed of your Internet connection, the screen resolution of the computer, the date and time as well as information about the last words copied clipboard yes even if you copy text or phrase can know the content of the sites! Vlataatjb ... etc. Other information that can be discovered through the site system-scanner Happy Sailing!

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