Sunday, 20 July 2014

Samsung get the company "Smart Things" system for smart homes.

Today some rumors surfaced that the new Samsung decided to turn to jump into your homes or rather smart automated homes, and recent reports indicate the company Samsung has recently acquired company at Smart Things. The latter is a start-up company provides a system to make the smart homes of the platform began to finance start-ups Kick Starter, but this company has managed to grow rapidly at the moment. It should be noted that the system Smart Things allows you to easily control the smart home appliances, such as lights and door locks, and so from your smart phone.
Some have speculated that the process of acquisition of Samsung Smart Things cost about 200 million U.S. dollars, but this may be a very good price for the complete platform Smart Things. Thus, the only thing that perhaps Samsung to do is start a marketing machine and make the platform more desirable Smart Things by the average consumer.
There is no doubt that Samsung does not want to lag behind both Apple and Google, which are already advanced in the field of intelligent systems-oriented homes. While Apple will try to attract customers to the platform Home Kit, and Google Inc. to products developed by its subsidiary company Nest. Thus, the company will try to keep up with Samsung's competitors in the market for smart homes, which may be the point of the leading companies in the smart phone market.

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