Saturday, 19 July 2014

Reasons that will make you addicted Show TED every day .

Of course the Internet is not only Facebook and tension and Google, but there are other sites worth a visit every day and will benefit more than just a game climb up and down that we are practicing all in our account on Facebook, which often do not benefit from them something. So if you are a fan of the all-new in science and technology, art and other Fannie areas suggest you TED site

     TED workshop is open to learn the English language! 

  Language might be Phalanges is the biggest obstacle that complain about a lot of Arab youth, especially if we know that almost the best sites on the Internet is in English, but this obstacle can be overcome learning and see the content of English translator in Arabic, is how you can recognize the meaning Mudflat as well as sentences. That's exactly what you'll find at the site of TED, it gives many lectures 
English translated into Arabic

  Lecturer at TED will improve your skills 
Secrets of Steve Jobs genius art of diction, if you follow this man in all conferences Apple Chevrolet no doubt that a school presentation skills in the art of dumping presentation skills. So in the TED conferences there are a lot of different people and each one of them, is a specialist in his field and speaks very passionately. Whether you like it or not, but your brain will be remembered well their behavior on stage, the way of speech, gestures, and thousands of other small things, showing the skills of a successful speaker. Show these speakers on a regular basis will make you act like them, will produce Valhalla have this skill and efficiency with which the latter will make you master the art of diction.

  TED broaden your horizons
  Mission of TED, is to spread the ideas of unique and important in all parts of the world. Without doubt we all agree that science and technology is based on the ideas and Alabama so this site will expand the horizons of intellectual, scientific, technical and even learn new things every day. The main thing is to see, and think about the ideas that the speaker wanted to convey to us.

  TED here and everywhere
  Thousands of videos and lectures in all magazines are available to you and you can access them anywhere and from any device you use both of your smart phone or personal computer. And you can exploit it and not wasting time while waiting in queues or other similar situations.


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