Tuesday, 15 July 2014

"Nokia" pervades the world of automotive technology smart.

Far from the world of technology and mobile tend concerns the company "Nokia" Finnish sector to another depends on the auto smart.
Nokia Company has established an investment fund worth 100 million dollars aimed at investing in companies specialized in the field of auto smart.
Powell said Rush, one of the partners in the group, "Nokia Growth Partners": "There was an increase in the past few years in innovations have advanced technology, has led to the existence of cars safer, cleaner and smarter and internet access increasingly affordable."
"The car has become a new area to adopt techniques very similar to the techniques phones and tablet devices."
And seen the move as a new area of ​​development for Nokia Corporation, which was established its presence in the sector through a system of maps "" Here ", which is one of the most important services and the move comes a few days after the completion of the company Nokia the sale of its own production of phones to Microsoft and Nokia said the system maps the company is one of the three key sectors of the company aims to focus on in the coming period.
Nokia said that the new investment fund, which Cedar by a group of partners and financiers with the name "Nokia Growth Partners," or (Nokia partners in growth) will support the growth and development of this sector has.

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