Sunday, 13 July 2014

"Microsoft" pose sensor "Kinect" on Windows at a price of $ 199

Microsoft announced it will launch the American Kinect sensor device's home entertainment Xbox operating system for PCs and Windows, and on 15 of this month at a price of $ 199.
In spite of that the first uses of the Kinect sensor was focused on enriching the world of interactive video games, the sensor was the focus of a lot of Windows developers, who have worked themselves to the "pirated" and available in many scientific fields.

The windows that "Kenkt in 2"-like sensor Kenkt your pax Xbox and that to a large extent, not even the company listened to the advice and criticism of developers and experts, and worked to improve it, as it became the senses after a larger and higher resolution, and he was fitted with a camera 1080p , and a larger field to display, it also keeps track of objects is better.

Microsoft has invited developers to create Windows applications sensor "Kenkt in 2", which would put a large variety of applications, which of course will not be limited to the world of video games, but will include the fields of medical and scientific
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