Friday, 25 July 2014

"Microsoft" opens the gate for training via its platform "Windows Phone"

Now after it announced that it will focus its efforts away from the Android platform, it means that to a large extent, Microsoft will focus its efforts on Windows Phone platform, at least that's what we feel. Given that the platform Windows Phone is the only hope for Microsoft Corp. in the market for operating systems phones, it is not surprising to see the company change everything in their power to make this platform, and for this reason, the Microsoft Corp. launched a web portal training network Aghannturnt aims to provide optimal way for users to see the Windows Phone platform.
Portal Training is basically a set of interactive tutorials along with video clips will be directed to the person how to use the Windows Phone platform. For example, this Albwaah for people to learn how to arrange the boxes live in the main interface of the system, and how to check for updates, and customize the color of the phone, and decorate the facade pictures, etc. from other things. It should be noted that Microsoft has also recently launched a video tutorial on the Internet teaches users the basic functions of virtual personal assistant Cortana. In any case, it's an interesting idea and a very good way for users to discover some of the basic functions in the Windows system iPhone without having to try to do this on your own device. The portal also a great way for users of Windows Phone platform to get used to the new operating platform, which is very different from other operating platforms such as Android or iOS.
In case if you want to check out the new tutorial on the Internet you can go to the official website of the company from Microsoft here for more details.

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