Sunday, 13 July 2014

"Microsoft" is working to develop a feature to delete links to the Europeans of search results "bing"


It's good to know that Microsoft is currently working on developing an option that would allow the Europeans to delete their links from Bing search results. 

A spokesman for the TechCrunch in a short statement that Microsoft is currently testing this new option and is working to develop and support the full details, despite its inability to determine the launch date for this property. 

We know that the judicial ruling last gave the Europeans the right to demand that Internet companies such as Google and other information and remove personal data from the search results pages. 

What aroused exclamation everyone, that the elimination of the European student implementation of this rule as soon as possible, and that such a feature should be not be ignored later. 

The site works ASCO is also developing a similar feature to the Europeans, but a company spokeswoman said that requests for removal of personal data already received, so the company staff to deal with them individually.

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