Thursday, 10 July 2014

Microsoft is working on producing her watch smart.

Do you remember the day that we heard about the possibility of Microsoft's work on the production time, I smart? I think that the news of the day hardly comes as a surprise, as confirmed Paul Thurrott - the owner of a primary source of your hourly smart - that Microsoft is working on a smart-hour, but the device met to wear a special fitness.
According to previous reports, the device Microsoft stainless wear will come in the form of a smart-hour, or gang hand or head, and will contain several sensors to track a variety of activities carried out by the user. In fact, it looks similar to Microsoft's efforts carried out by the hour with the Samsung Galaxy Gear and characteristics related to physical fitness.
For example, Microsoft's new device will come to track the user's steps, and the rate of calories burned, and heart rate, and many others. It is also expected that the device comes at a price similar to the price of the Galaxy Gear.
According to what he said Thurrott, Microsoft will launch the new device stainless wear - I remind you, is not a requirement to be an hour! - In the fourth quarter of 2014, so, we feel that we still have a few months to learn the nature of the device.

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