Wednesday, 9 July 2014

"Linked" launches a new feature that allows users to see the scale determines the famous accounts compared to calculations of colleagues and friends.

Launched a "LinkedIn" is a new feature in the professional social network allows users to see the scale determines the famous accounts compared to calculations colleagues and friends.
And is determined by a measure of goodwill based on the number of accounts views within 30 days, and then put the "LinkedIn" existing accounts within a single network professional demonstrates the user in order of the most watched of the account holder.
The user can identify the professional rank within its network, which includes both his friends or colleagues at work, through access to the "who visited your personal account?" Who's Viewed Your Profile in the social network.
And appears to the user, along with its ranking within its network of professional, describes the extent of the percentage increase in the number of views to their account within 30 days, in addition to the list of accounts, which has the highest viewing figures.
Seeks "Linked" to exploit the new feature in the increased activity of its network of social accounts, and provide network users next ranking tips for how to get the views of the top accounts.
No such feature is the first launched by the social network of professional recently to increase user interaction, where they had canceled a few days ago, a tool to explore the opinion in groups to encourage users to use Kasiti posts and comments directly to ask questions, as the open publishing platform Almhennehkhastha for all users .

The "LinkedIn" had been exceeded in April last barrier of 300 million registered users professional social network total, about 200 million of them from outside the United States, and more than one million professional member in each of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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